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Useful romanian phrases one needs to know when travelling to Romania

Timosoara learn Romanian

Travelling into a foreign country allows us to gain a new perspective on habits, ways of living and their culture. Whether culture is food, education, architecture or simply how they make a living. Whereas only Mummies are seen in cafes in the mornings in Germany Business Men, Students, Parents and friends enjoy coffee or tea in Romania already at 9am. Being an observator is interesting but speaking at least some words of the same language builds the connection.

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Signs that our kids travel a lot

Today morning after having breakfast we got ready for kindergarten. Amy (4 years old) asks me: “How do we get there?” I: “By taxi.” Amy: “No, not again Taxi. That’s soo boring!”

Child Care Center Romania Signs kids travel a lot


This example showed me that we really travel a lot. Even now we are not at “home” but in Romania. We stayed here for 2 weeks to explore Timisoara, a cultural rich city. The kids went into kindergarten during the mornings while we worked on our laptops.

I collected some signs, that our kids travel a lot. Some of them are amusing, others make me think:

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Cultural travel with children – 4 ways to successful journeys


Cultural Travel Children Vienna

Cultural travel with children is something most parents try to avoid. Word has it, that children don’t like museums, neither visit churches or get in touch with architecture. Let me show you some of the most successful strategies for epic and relaxing cultural travels. No crying, moody children anymore complaining about this stupid church and that ugly castle.

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Embarrassing stories – one took part in Madagascar

Describe on of your most embarrassing stories happening while on travel:

That’s a tough one. Besides children who poo in front of the supermarket in Mauritius, me crashing a Hummer H3 and my husband asking locals all the no go questions? 😉 What was our most embarrassing story? One of these embarrassing stories happened some years ago.

In 2008 we made holiday in Madagascar without children. They simply weren’t born yet. Because we both love driving Enduro (offroad motorbike) we hired them at Antananarivo. The capital of Madagascar is 1435m high and surrounded by lush, green nature. Together with a private guide we started exploring a totally different Madagascar, not many people have seen on their Motorbikes before. Continue Reading →

Quad biking in Fort Dauphin (Taolagnaro), Madagascar

ADVENTURE and I LIKE TO MOVE IT was singing in our head when we decided to visit Fort Dauphin in the southeast of Madagascar in 2008. My husband and me love riding motorbike offroad, so we decided to do this as well there. Our whole motocross equipment found place in our luggage. The boots were part of the hand luggage and sometimes even the helmet. It was a challenge to pack everything in one backpack!

Our flight was from Mauritius to Antananarivo, which is only 1.45h away. Air Madagascar is a decent airline and we enjoyed their service a lot. Continue Reading →

Our hiking holiday in Austria with toddlers and infants

There are several sayings about people, who love the seaside and others who love mountains. It’s a bit like being a dog or a cats person. One can’t have both.

My family has the tradition of spending one hiking weekend per year in the foothills of the Alps in Austria. Already till 20 years. However, we’re all more the seaside lovers. So this hiking holiday in Austria is the alibi weekend to pretend being both. Not to freeze and shiver we try to get the cabin between May and July.

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