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Road trip with kids in Romania

I’ve read of many people going on a road trip with kids in Romania, even with young kids. I always wondered how they make it: sleep in different hotels each night, drive many kilometres and live out of the car. Maybe even in the car. Or other creatures start living in the car. However, it was never an option for us.

We made the experience that our kids hate driving (we had our worst holiday in New Zealand. Amy was grouchy all over and we saw only playgrounds.) They just love to have a constant place where to sleep. At least for 3-4 nights. In Thailand we travelled by train and planned our trip exactly that way. 4 days in Bangkok, 4 in Chiang Mai and 4 in Hua Hin. They were balanced and happy – so were we. Even on the many different islands of the Seychelles we’ve chosen one accommodation for at least 3 nights.

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4 reasons to visit the East Coast – Mauritius with children

Many tourists don’t visit the east coast Mauritius unless they stay in a hotel there. During my 6 month residency in Mauritius the east coast was one of my favourites with my children. Why?

  • Snorkeling is fantastic!

If you go to the beach right before Trou d’Eau Douce there’s one small lagoon after another. Many stones in the water with stonefishes require bathing shoes or fins. But once in the water it’s like stepping in a huge aquarium. Have some bread with you to feed the fishes.

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Interview with Blogger Steve from Thinking of Travel

Steve is the Blogger behind Thinking of Travel. He’s blogging about several destinations and a huge variety of topics. It’s great to have him as my first interview partner. He was so kind to let me publish some of his pics. I love his love affair while travelling!


What is your favourite spot? Could you imagine to live there for 10 years?

It is a really tough choice but I would have to say Bali because it is such an exciting little island with a mix of mass tourism and very selective tourism. This is what I like about Bali, you can experience anything on the island. I have been to Bali more times than I can count and I think I would enjoy 10 years there. Continue Reading →

Cyclone Madagascar – our near-death experience

Have you ever been hit by a cyclone in Madagascar? No? Lucky you…

While we stayed three weeks in Madagascar we had a couple of days on the northern island Nosy Be. It’s an island crowded with Italians enjoying sex tourism and the nature. We should have known that earlier. It was kind of embarrassing having 70 year old men sitting at the breakfast with their 16 year old peach of a girl. Nevertheless Nosy Be is a beautiful island, imprinted with a near-death experience because of an immense cyclone hitting Madagascar in 2008.

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