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7 ways to raise children’s self esteem while travelling

There was a time I shook my head when I’ve seen other parents yell at their cute 3 year old daughter only because she didn’t want to pick up her shoes. Why are they so impatient and put themselves above their child? Like this they will never raise children’s self esteem. Why do they react with a louder voice instead of some jokes, clever strategies and self-composure?

After 5 years of constant travel my kids turned 5 and 3 years. There are only few situations, when I started being such a mother. One I would have shook my head at if I’d seen her. But most of the times I’m f***ing proud of having two children with a huge basket full of self esteem. Being a psychotherapist, a mother and a travel addict I get often asked for advice. Here’s a collection of ways if you want to raise children’s self esteem. Continue Reading →