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Family Trip to Gili Air – 5 factors of success

We took a family trip to Gili Air, complete with grandparents and our two children, ages three and five, first departing for Bali in January 2015. We imagined our trip consisting primarily of the kids and grandparents lounging on the beach while we explored the local shops. We were wrong. Upon arriving at the beach in Seminyak, our oldest said, “I’m not gonna stay here. It’s so dirty.” “It smells,” the little one complained. The well-being of our trip was suddenly in jeopardy—how can we make everyone happy for the entire month-long vacation?

We escaped into Spas, instead of going to the beach. - Copyright by

We escaped into Spas, instead of going to the beach. – Copyright by

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Is Gili Trawangan with children relaxing?

Gili Trawangan is an Indonesian island near Bali and Lombok, once famous among locals and visitors for its party scene, but the destination has changed over the last few years. Backpackers who once partied on the beach a decade ago return to Gili Trawangan with children now to relive those glory days with children in tow. But is it really the best idea to visit Gili Trawangan with children? Continue Reading →

Travel Guide for Visiting the Gili islands with Kids

The Gili Islands are a veritable paradise on Earth, from the white sandy beaches to the restaurants pied dans l’eau. There are as many friendly locals to greet you on land as there are sea turtles and vibrant fishes swimming with scuba divers. All of this and more are what make the Gili islands with kids what they are—a fantastic place.

The Gili Islands are located in the vast blue sea betwpartyboateen Bali and Lombok, only a one-hour boat ride from the Balinese city of Padangbai, or half-an-hour from Lombok. All three islands forbid motor vehicles, making each destination uniquely walkable and especially agreeable for children. Though each of the gorgeous islands vary in size, they’re frequented by the same crop of visitors, including families, couples and backpackers. Continue Reading →