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New Zealand travel tips- 5 things we totally screwed up

“I’d rather be home!”, “What the hell are we doing here?”, “Just breathe, only 2 more weeks to go!”

Until our 4 week holiday in New Zealand in 2011 we never had such a horrible vacation. I wished it would be over soon. Let me give you some travel tips, so you don’t need to make the same mistakes.

We planned our trip to New Zealand with our 1,5 year old daughter and a friend. So 4 persons on total, plus the baby in my belly (6st month). As we love camping we decided to rent a huge motorhome to travel around. The lady of the rental company asked me why we’d like to return the camper in Auckland instead of Christchurch. “Because our flight back departs in Auckland.” This was the first mistake! It happened that we were so tuckered out in Christchurch that I flew back to Auckland alone with my young child and the guys drove back the 1100km. We lost at least 2 days (out of 30 it’s 7%). My first travel tip: Continue Reading →