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Sauna rules for those, who are not familiar with nudism

Dear lovely reader,

I know, some of you are not comfortable with being naked in public. Maybe you feel ashamed of not looking like Brad Pitt or the Playgirl boys. Your parents never told you, that it’s okay to look like you look. Whatever. I won’t save the world, and especially not you.

But before you enter Europe or the scandinavian casual saunas here are some sauna rules to follow:

Don’t stare! Continue Reading →

8+ ways to stay in touch with your beloved ones while travelling


Does it happen to you as well that your relatives, friends, neighbours and acquaintances moan because they never hear from you, while you’re discovering the world?

I have to admit, it’s sometimes hard to talk to my 83 year old grandma while we drive motocross in Madagascar or scuba dive on the Seychelles. My old life seems to be so far away. I’d like to adjust to the new culture, the people we meet and the amazing, but sometimes ugly treats. Calling people at home is like talking to a stranger on the moon. Kind of. But you know, how I mean it, don’t you? It’s so far away that my grandmas’ glasses are broken or my friend doesn’t know how to start potty training. Continue Reading →

Why you shouldn’t miss to workout while travelling – insider workout travel tips

Travelling around is exciting and inspiring. New countries, architecture one has never seen before, getting oriented and trying all the strange food is just like being born into a new world again.

First you look around and have no clue who those people are. They share your place and communicate somehow with you, even only nonverbal. But who are they? What are their values? Their dreams and sorrows? Continue Reading →