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Road trip with kids in Romania

I’ve read of many people going on a road trip with kids in Romania, even with young kids. I always wondered how they make it: sleep in different hotels each night, drive many kilometres and live out of the car. Maybe even in the car. Or other creatures start living in the car. However, it was never an option for us.

We made the experience that our kids hate driving (we had our worst holiday in New Zealand. Amy was grouchy all over and we saw only playgrounds.) They just love to have a constant place where to sleep. At least for 3-4 nights. In Thailand we travelled by train and planned our trip exactly that way. 4 days in Bangkok, 4 in Chiang Mai and 4 in Hua Hin. They were balanced and happy – so were we. Even on the many different islands of the Seychelles we’ve chosen one accommodation for at least 3 nights.

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Interview with Blogger Steve from Thinking of Travel

Steve is the Blogger behind Thinking of Travel. He’s blogging about several destinations and a huge variety of topics. It’s great to have him as my first interview partner. He was so kind to let me publish some of his pics. I love his love affair while travelling!


What is your favourite spot? Could you imagine to live there for 10 years?

It is a really tough choice but I would have to say Bali because it is such an exciting little island with a mix of mass tourism and very selective tourism. This is what I like about Bali, you can experience anything on the island. I have been to Bali more times than I can count and I think I would enjoy 10 years there. Continue Reading →

Cyclone Madagascar – our near-death experience

Have you ever been hit by a cyclone in Madagascar? No? Lucky you…

While we stayed three weeks in Madagascar we had a couple of days on the northern island Nosy Be. It’s an island crowded with Italians enjoying sex tourism and the nature. We should have known that earlier. It was kind of embarrassing having 70 year old men sitting at the breakfast with their 16 year old peach of a girl. Nevertheless Nosy Be is a beautiful island, imprinted with a near-death experience because of an immense cyclone hitting Madagascar in 2008.

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Useful romanian phrases one needs to know when travelling to Romania

Timosoara learn Romanian

Travelling into a foreign country allows us to gain a new perspective on habits, ways of living and their culture. Whether culture is food, education, architecture or simply how they make a living. Whereas only Mummies are seen in cafes in the mornings in Germany Business Men, Students, Parents and friends enjoy coffee or tea in Romania already at 9am. Being an observator is interesting but speaking at least some words of the same language builds the connection.

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Signs that our kids travel a lot

Today morning after having breakfast we got ready for kindergarten. Amy (4 years old) asks me: “How do we get there?” I: “By taxi.” Amy: “No, not again Taxi. That’s soo boring!”

Child Care Center Romania Signs kids travel a lot


This example showed me that we really travel a lot. Even now we are not at “home” but in Romania. We stayed here for 2 weeks to explore Timisoara, a cultural rich city. The kids went into kindergarten during the mornings while we worked on our laptops.

I collected some signs, that our kids travel a lot. Some of them are amusing, others make me think:

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Taking the train in Thailand

Have you ever been sick of airports? Here are 5 reasons why taking the train is much more fun:IMG_1268

  1. The overnight trains from Bangkok to Hua Hin are purple. That’s a main argument for our kids to take it, as they also prefer the purple taxis instead of the yellow-green ones.
  2. One job of the train guard is to make your bed. Nice, isn’t it?
  3. If you pay for a first class cabin you get a single room with a 90x190m lounger facing the window.  Adjustable backrests make it possible to capture the image of passing by housing areas, rivers and rice plantations. We’ve never seen so much of the normal life in Thailand. We spent a very relaxing night in our first class beds and woke up curious with our nose touching the window to see what happens next. Better than watching TV.
  4. But travelling third class can be also quite funny. Or at least hot and cheap. 1€ for 200km is amazing.IMG_1259
  5. We travelled first class, second and third. We were always welcome with the kids. Although buying tickets has to be done at least 5 days in advance. They are soon sold out and you won’t get any good ones and need to sweet in third class. Selling point is the train station.








Bangkok – shopping but nothing else

IMG_1015Bangkok is certainly piloted by most airlines. So either you have only a short stopover or you stay for some days and journey on later. That was our choice.

Instead of staying in a hotel we decided to rent an apartment. It offers us more space and the possibility to cook own food, if the children don’t like thai spices or are hungry at uncommon times due to jet lag. But we didn’t want to surrender a pool or a good location. Nothing is impossible in Thailand and so we found easily one near the metro. The pool on the sixth floor was stunning and one of the girls highlight. Every evening we had a pool session.

So what can one do in Bangkok with kids?

Shopping. There are several shopping malls with a broad variety. If your children don’t like shopping you must at least eat there. Most of them have their food court located on the first floor.

During bad rain or with unsatisfied children we recommend the indoor playground: Funarium. One can drive around a small circuit with bikes or roller blades, loose energy at jumping castles and even do creativity activities. Lovely made this playground had every thing we needed. It was not too big to loose sight but also big enough to entertain them for several hours. In the area upstairs a creativity room invites them to draw pictures whereas the parents have a sofa room next to it. Equipped with a DVD player and comfortable armchairs even the parents enjoy the stay. The restaurant is a bit overpriced but with delicious pasta, ice, cappuccino and chocolate cake one can turn a blind eye.


Nevertheless there’s always something to explore in Bangkok. We went one evening to Khao San Road. It’s a pedestrian area fringed by restaurants and massage salons. Different small food stalls sell pancakes with banana and condensed milk, others fried insects and maggots. We very only brave enough for the maggots and left the scorpions and locusts aside. Our small two year old daughter had no clue yet which food is considered to be yummy and which is tagged as ugly. For her food tastes like it tastes, no matter what is is. And she proofed that by eating the whole bag of maggots. She even asked for more, or shall I say: She screamed for more?

madentalia würmer