A perfect sunday hangout: The Coral Tree Restaurant at Westcoast Island, La Preneuse

It occurs to us that we find it difficult to go out for lunch or dinner with the kids. We prefer eating at home, because it’s just a mess with them: spaghetti all over the floor, screaming child because she likes to have the salami we always have instead of the one the restaurant serves, knocked over drinks create a stressful atmosphere.

Nevertheless sometimes we are just on our way, badly prepared with nothing to eat with us. So we have to go somewhere.


We stumbled in the Coral Tree Restaurant by recommendation of our skipper.

Coincidentally we found paradise. A paradise restaurant on the west coast of Mauritius. Inside a huge building project of houses

with their own landing stage a restaurant occurs that has everything one can dream of. Westcoast island and la Balise Marina.

Westisland La Preneuse

He told us that there’s a nice place to have a coffee. Actually it’s a beautiful place to have a coffee, pizza, some wine and a round in the pool.

Restaurant The Coral Tree

The Coral Tree Restaurants’ concept is to activate people, who’d like to spend some hours in a nice, luxurious atmosphere. It only opened a few days ago and everything was spotless. Their menu offers everything but ordinary. P.eg. there’s no pizza menu. You tell them what topping you’d like to have and they try their best to fulfil your wishes. Isn’t that nice? Tuna, calamari or prawns and very yummy salad can be found as well. We had a hard choice.

Eventually we decided for pizza and salad. Good portions made with love and a sense for the detail.

What happened to our kids, you might ask. Oh, they walked around, collected shells and had a swim in the pool.


After dinner it was on us to enjoy the last shafts of sunlight. We didn’t expect the day to end so beautiful.


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