The Heritage Telfair 5star – golf and kids club in Mauritius

Sometimes we just don’t know what to do on weekends. As we established already a very normal life here with “working hours”, kindergarten, friends, sport courses and kids activities plus we’ve already seen a lot of Mauritius there’s now another world to explore. The world of the rich, luxury used and keen on relaxing.

Last weekend was our Heritage weekend at Bel Ombre, in the South of Mauritius. The South is lined with beautiful, white sandy beaches. No towns, only small villages and the green hills directly behind. It makes a pretty good scenery.


We’ve chosen the Heritage out of 8 reasons:

  1. because of their golf course. It’s 18 hole surrounded by green lush nature. Calm, perfectly prepared and not crowded.If there’s not enough time for the big one the 9 hole is just as beautiful. Green fee is included.
  2. Our kids have seen the kids club before and we knew that we can leave them there without bad conscious. Not like many other mini clubs they take children already from 2 on if they manage without nappies. Our small one is 2.5 years old, hates nappies and was allowed to go there. The older one is already 4 and likes adventures. She knew that the kids club has a fenced kids pool and very nice toys. On Sunday they went to collect mussels and wander on the beach before having a swim in the huge knee-high pool. Lunch is arranged and the caretakers are very lovely and caring.
  3. the Beach Club attached to the Telfair is the perfect place for a Sunday hangout. Chill-out music combined with beach, sun loungers, playground, an aquamarine blue pool and cocktails for the adults.
  4. sport activities like tennis courts, glass bottom boat or sailing is included in the price.
  5. it is a small hotel. With only 158 rooms on a huge arenal you never feel cramped. Their victorian style creates a very classy feeling.
  6. being on the beach is just fantastic with children. No special program is needed. Jumping the waves, snorkeling, feeding fishes and have a swim is paradise.
  7. the breakfast. Sorry to say that, but having 10 different fruits, yoghurt, 5 types of bread, warm food, pancakes, waffles and many other things is mouthwatering. The kids were satisfied faster than we, so they fed the fish in the fountain.
  8. Another advantage of a 5 start resort: nobody disses on you as you might be important. “So kids, here’s some more bread! Enjoy feeding the Koi carp!”
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