Horse race in Mauritius: 5 reasons to get there

Forget your prejudices about horse races. Elitist sport, cruel jockeys and compulsive gamblers. Sure, someones’ world is black or white. Better make your own experience. I collected 5 reasons why you should give it a try:

1.Saturday hangout

What do you do on a Saturday? For us Saturdays are odd days in between the normal working week and the free Sunday. On a Saturday you can work till noon and spend the rest of the day on grocery shopping. But you could also finish early or don’t even start working and let the weekend begin.Most racing days start at noon. The last race will be at around 4pm. You can join whenever you’d like. Also only for two races.


2. Adrenaline won’t harm

– especially as it’s not you sitting on the horse. It’s a bit like the soccer euphoria: we are Germany! We are Manu! And now you are the horse with the purple saddlecloth. Shout, jump and throw your cap in the air!


3. Tradition

The Mauritius Turf Club is one of the oldest in the world. Tradition and cultural interest builds the base for the upcoming experience. Whether you book a lounge or just join the crowd (free of charge), it’s part of Mauritius and I would say, it’s an important part.


4. High standard

Many of those horses and jockeys are internationally accepted and can be seen at important races in Dubai as well. You won’t see any hobby trooper on an unruly horse. So be prepared for a high class experience.


5. Bet the wrong horse

and make your children learn that loosing is human and not important for ones self-confidence. It’s nice to win, but not necessary for a successful day. 25rs are already enough to bet (50€cent). Including it in a lesson about the dangers of gambling, addiction and sports management makes the reasons to go there more transparent.







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