Interview with Blogger Steve from Thinking of Travel

Steve is the Blogger behind Thinking of Travel. He’s blogging about several destinations and a huge variety of topics. It’s great to have him as my first interview partner. He was so kind to let me publish some of his pics. I love his love affair while travelling!


What is your favourite spot? Could you imagine to live there for 10 years?

It is a really tough choice but I would have to say Bali because it is such an exciting little island with a mix of mass tourism and very selective tourism. This is what I like about Bali, you can experience anything on the island. I have been to Bali more times than I can count and I think I would enjoy 10 years there.


You decide to remain anonymous although many travel bloggers use the personal relationship to their readers and let them participate in many different situations. Do you see any disadvantages in remaining anonymous?

There are pros and cons with everything. Yes, you are right that I might lose little of the connection with the readers by being anonymous, At the same time it gives me great freedom because I don’t have to write anything politically correct to please suppliers I work with in the travel trade.

Tell me about a dangerous situation you had while travelling.

I guess I have been quite lucky and don’t have too many dangerous situations. I was nearly mugged in an alley in Down Town Atlanta during a familiarization trip, preparing for the Olympics, in 1994. I slid off the road into a rice field on my way to Hua Hin a late night about 12 years ago. The car got some scratches but everyone left the vehicle without any problems. Once on a safari in South Africa an elephant was a little too interested and rubbing himself against our jeep, almost flipping it over. I never really felt unsafe because the ranger stayed on top of the situation at all times.

Have you ever fallen in love on a journey?

I still do. Every time I travel with my wife I love her even more.

What’s your tick? With ticks I mean personal habits that are a bit odd 😉

Haha, the list can get really long if you want me to mention everything. I am obsessed with doing backups and poor service. Good, caring service can save a mediocre experience but many people in the service industry tends to forget that. Actually, by caring a little extra I have gotten loyal customers who has followed me for many years.

V8Hotel - Herbie als Bett - im Themenzimmer Tankstelle. V8 Hotel in der MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart auf dem Flugfeld Boeblingen.

Imagine you have a 19 year old student in front of you. What advice would you give him?

I think I have to give 2 pieces of advice here. It might sound like a cliché but I have to say follow your heart but always listen to other people. If your heart is not into what you are doing life will be boring. Do not be afraid to try new things, no matter if that is trips to make, jobs to do or food to try.

What have you learned from locals?

I cannot think of anything specific on the top of my head but locals are the ones who make the trip memorable. Without the locals you can go anywhere and it will feel like visiting a movie shoot. It is all about people!


Which habit would you like to change?

I would like to care less about bad service. My life would be a lot easier and my blood pressure lower if I did not work myself up when encountering bad service.

Thank you Steve for the interview! Have a safe journey and interesting destinations!

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