Left luggage at Mahe, main Airport of the Seychelles

While planning our second family trip to the Seychelles I tried to get information about the left luggage office (baggage room). It was hard to find any reliable information online. Neither the Tourism Board nor the airport provided an email adress, prices or opening hours.

As we stayed only 3 days on the Seychelles we wanted to leave 3 suitcases at the airport. Coincidentally the luggage left office was still open (9pm).

Here the price:

10€ per luggage/suitcase with normal size per day

In our case: 30€ per 24h x 3 days= 90€

Funny, a rental car costs 30€ per day as well. So it might be cheaper to rent a car, put your luggage inside and park it at the airport or use it by yourself.

Contact information:

+248 2594781



Luggage left office Mahe' Seychelles Airport





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