Liebster Award winners: Ants in our pants! – part 2

I am one of the Liebster Award winners in 2014!

In part 1 I answered already 4 question Weirs World included in their interview with me. Now read the rest about my embarrassing experiences and travel plans.

5. Which is your preference: Guide books, lonely planet, the internet or asking locals and other travellers?

We have a funny way of deciding where to go next. First of all we get infected. Either by someone telling us his travel stories or we see or read something interesting. Then it’s calm. We both do something different before we talk about that destination again after some days. And then it goes quick: flights will be booked and off we are.

Waterfront Cape Town

We sometimes use Guide books but more often the internet and advice from others.

A good way for us is to let my husband fly to the destination some days before I arrive with the kids. He checks out good accommodations, knows already how to move around with public transport or hired vehicles. I arrive with the kids and we don’t have this long orientation phase, which could be quite stressful with children. The fridge is full already 😉


6. Describe your most embarrassing travel experience. 

That’s a tough one. Besides children who poo in front of the supermarket in Mauritius, me crashing a Hummer H3 and my husband asking locals all the no go questions? 😉

While making the kids fall asleep this evening something came up to my mind. I don’t want to keep quiet about it. But it’s a funny story AND embarrassing: In 2008 we made holiday in Madagascar without children. They simply weren’t born yet. Because we both love driving Enduro (offroad motorbike) we hired them at Antananarivo. The capital of Madagascar is 1435m high and surrounded by lush, green nature. Together with a private guide we started exploring a totally different Madagascar, not many people have seen on their Motorbikes before.

One afternoon my husband and the guide were a bit fast for me. We drove on a muddy road with puddles and I thought I have to accelerate to catch up with them. Otherwise they have to wait too long for me and it’s anyway not so much fun to be last. So I accelerated. The muddy road made a curve and exactly in front of me on my side appeared a bicycle rider. He wanted to avoid the huge puddle on his side and decided to drive on mine. Unfortunately I was too fast to break and stop in front of him. Therefore I decided to break like hell and slide on the ground with the motorbike under me.

A word and a blow and I threw down the madagas Man. Both lying on the floor the first thing was to set upright the motorbike. Otherwise it won’t start anymore. I managed to do it on my own while the Madagas stood next to his bike and curiously looked at me. The moment when I took my helmet off and he saw that I’m a white, blonde woman he forgot to close his mouth. We were really offroad. They might have never seen someone riding a motorbike before and then it’s even a woman.

holiday madagascar accident

My french talking skills are ok, but he understood only madagas. So we waited and waited until I finally heard two motorbikes coming nearer. Our guide Gee was able to translate and we ended up buying the guy a new bike.

That was stupid and also embarrassing to heart someone but not being able to communicate and solve the situation.


7. Give your past tense self one piece of advice about starting and writing a travel blog.

Start earlier!


8. Which country has the friendliest people?

I met very friendly and open-minded parents at several playgrounds in South Africa. One even gave me her number in case we are in SA again and look for a playmate. On a camping ground we got invited for Braai by a huge group of South Africans before we even talked 5 sentences with each other.

But also on the Seychelles or in Australia we met lovely people who shared their stories and life with us.

Waterfront Cape Town


9. Describe the weirdest animal or creature you have seen on your travels.

We’ve been on the Seychelles in March 2014. One evening we walked around from the Beach back to our Hotel, which was directly on the sea. Suddenly there came a huge black crab out of the shadow. He wanted to walk to the beach, place his/her eggs there and come back. But we were shocked and scared: barefooted. In our imagination he has cut off our toes already.


10. Where will your next trip take you?

Our next trip goes with a motorhome through Europe. We will visit countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and maybe some more countries. We know where we start but don’t know yet the final destination. It’s a lot of planning to have the motorhome equipped with everything we might need on the road but can’t buy. This time we are more clever, so I fly the first 1500km instead of driving with moaning kids and we meet my husband in Romania.

Timisoara Romania

I hereby nominate Project Atticus and Travel Volumes for the Liebster Award. They have awesome travel blogs and I am curious about their travelling experiences.

Please answer the following questions:


1. If you need to travel without your partner, whom would you take with you and why?

2. Which destination have you visited most?

3. Tell me your story of the most dangerous situation you had while travelling.

4. Have you ever hitchhiked? Where?

5. What’s your tic?

6. Something you get crazy if you forget it at home.

7. What looks your life like in 10 years?

8. Any advice for other travellers?

9. In which aspect do you consider the law as not binding?

10. Your motto?




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