Liebster Award winner: Ants in our Pants – part 1

By surprise I won the Liebster Award! Two bloggers awarded me: Weirs World and Scamparis.

Since 3 months I am writing about our travel experience and already now I have been recognized by the blogging world. That makes me flush!

The Liebster Award is an Award given from one blogger to another. Like this new bloggers are welcomed into the blogging world. Isn’t that a nice, social way instead of scratching each others eyes out? It’s up to me now to answer the interview below and award some other, new bloggers. Stay tuned for the next post!

Before answering the questions:  thank you so much for rewarding my writing!

Weirs World had some interesting ones for me:

1. What is at the top of your travel bucket list?

It’s not a destination but the vision to go on travelling forever. I don’t care visiting Africa or Asia, but I hate staying home all the time. It’s a must to satisfy the ants in my pants. Give them freedom to explore the world. Wherever it goes I’ll join!

2. If you could have a super power, what would it be?

Reading somebodies mind would be extraordinary interesting. His judgements and prejudices, truth he never speaks out loud.

3. If you could only travel by one means of transport for all your journeys, which would it be?

Without doubt it would be a motorcycle with side car. Must be fantastic to travel within the nature and have enough space to take a person or loads of luggage with me.

motorcycle with side car

4. You are talking to someone who has never travelled, where is the first place you tell him to go and why?

I am convinced of the theory that from time to time one needs to get thrown in at the deep end to gain self-confidence again. Our western life makes us lazy and leads to the thought, that we are able to survive here but not somewhere else. We rarely leave our comfort zone and get scared if we have to.


Madagascar Fort Dauphin

My recommendation therefore would be to visit Madagascar. It’s an unspoiled country with only 255.000 tourists per year. With a size the same like Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria together this number is like nothing. One big advantage is the culture and character of the locals. Rarely any tourists in the south make it possible to experience their native¬† living and values. Most of them would never steel because that’s a very bad action according to their education. Breathtaking nature is another advantage: rent a quad and drive around by yourself. Behind every corner you need to stop and inhale the beauty.

Quad biking Madagascar

5. Describe your most embarrassing travel experience.

Stay tuned! Coming soon…


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