Mauritius dolphin watching – a unique experience

Dolphins meet every morning in front of La Preneuse Beach. Since many years it’s an important part of the tourist industry to offer boat trips to watch and snorkel with them. Different opinions exist from “It’s cruelty to the dolphins! All these people jumping in the sea and swimming with them.” to “If they wouldn’t like it they could descent. But they even seem to play with the tourists.”.

However, we wanted to form our own opinion about Mauritius dolphin watching:

We booked the tour via the online travel guide for Mauritius. They even give 150rs discount per person. At 7.15h we met our Skipper Cedric and went out with the speedboat. Luckily so early as otherwise many other boats arrive and it gets a bit more crowded. Cedric is a very careful driver and he seems to smell where the dolphins are 😉 Soon he told us to put on our fins and the snorkel equipment he provided. One, two, three – off we were. His friend came with us in the water and showed us where to swim. When we put our head under the water we saw the dolphins swimming under and next to us. Even their sound was audible. This experience was for all people on the boat a very unique one and everybody said it was one if the best things they did in Mauritius.

Mauritius dolphin watching

After swimming with the dolphins we drove to a beautiful snorkeling spot. Our little one was even happy being only in the boat as she saw many colourful fishes coming for her bread. Feeding fishes is actually something she loved most!


The 4 year old was snorkeling in the water watching and feeding fishes.

Waking up so early and having experienced already so many different things made us hungry. Good that the next and last spot was Ile Benitier. ilebenitier

The Skipper made a yummy barbecue with fish, chicken and salad. We relaxed a bit and had time wandering around for some hours. At around 2pm we arrived at La Preneuse Beach. Happy and filled with amazing experiences.

Dolfin swim Mauritius

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  1. I love having this experience with the Dolphins and I think it is key to be there early enough to avoid all these boats full of tourists looking for the Dolphins. It is an amazing experience. Put your head above the water and you won’t hear anything and put your head u minder the water and you will suddenly hear the beautiful Dolphins songs. It is also possible to embark on a boat from Flic en Flac but also from La Gaulette which is just in front of the Ile au Bénitier.for those interested, we have our newly built appartments opening in September or October there
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