Mon Choisy Beach, the place of happy people

Under trees one can enjoy the more than 3km long beach of Mon Choisy. During the week it’s very calm and only visited by tourists whereas the weekends turn it into a party place. Grandpas playing with their children in the water, Indian families dining on the beach and young people playing football.


This girl and his grandpa played for more than 1 hour the same game: she is splashing him water over his head, laughing and having a lot of fun. After some minutes he took the beer can and splashed water over her head. Laughing made him look like a young boy again.

Our kids love the pulsing atmosphere and the possible playmates.

Here, one can get a feeling of happiness. The Mauritian know life in different shades, but they never suffer from cold or hunger. Fishes to catch, coconuts on the trees and bananas to eat. It’s seldom that one has to fear for life. Hospitals are free as well as public transport for seniors and unemployed. This relaxed feeling is something many foreigners don’t have. We need to be prepared for insurance bills, electricity and heating and cannot consult a doctor without payment or health insurance.

The high job fluctuation might be as well a sign for not being forced to stick to one employer. They hop from job to job without bad conscious because they leave him overwhelmed. Employers have many rights here, like a certain amount of sick leave days, which they not always proof by doctors certificate but just recover on the beach.

So why not enjoy Mon Choisy without bad conscious? Relax on the beach, get some drinks and celebrate life!

IMG_8891kleinIsn’t that a great idea? Have a floating bar with you and grab a beer while enjoying the warm sea.




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