Overview La Digue Seychelles

When you arrive in La Digue, Seychelles,  it’s only via ferry. So the port became the center. All signs saying “Jetty” lead you tIMG_8213he way there. But please don’t compare this port to the ones you know from other islands. It’s more or less one landing stage, some nice catamarans in the water and few speed boats. Under the trees there is the main meeting point. Locals and tourists enjoy the shade and have a chat.

Directly at the port are several bike rentals. A normal bike is 100SR per day, one with a child seat at the back 150SR. But there are also bikes with 3 wheels for those who’d like to have it more comfortable. Most of the bikes are equipped with a basket at the back or front to store you’re beach utensils. We made very good experiences with Neddy, 254 6193. [email protected]. On our third day I had a puncture in the wheel. He came immediateIMG_8206ly to the port, although he wasn’t working on that day. After 15min the wheel was changed and we’ve been on the road again.

Other transportation possibilities is the Ox cart. Surely an adventure, driving slowly in an ancient way over the island.

The most modern way is a taxi. It’s about 150-200SR. Unfortunately they drive very fast for a mostly car free island. At the times when the ferry arrives it’s a nightmare having the taxis going 20 times from the port to the hotel and back.


Next to the port are several shops. Ice cream, Samusa or drinks are offered here as well as groceries. Amusingly the shops being next to each other look the same but have a slightly different variety of products. Fresh products are hard to get. In the mornings are some stands that sell avocado, bananas and other vegetables. However, in the shops everything is canned. We had pasta and rice most of the time. Meat is rare, but the supermarket Gregoire’s sometimes has some. IMG_8136Gregoire’s is THE place to get european products like stock cubes, mustard or salad dressing. But it still looks like all other shops a bit empty. Nappies seem to be often sold out. If you have children in that age take some with you in advance.






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  1. Hi,

    I loved reading your blog and your Seychelles experience. I am planning a trip to Seychelles in 2 months and will be going there with my family.

    Was planning a day trip to La Digue but was concerned about transportation on the island. My dad will be travelling with us and he has difficulty walking especially long distances (>1 mile) and cycling is absolutely not an option for him. I have heard there are very few taxis on the island – not that we want to go to a lot of places, but how easy is it to get taxi or Ox cart at the ferry terminal to take us to the ASDA beach or to a nearby lunch place etc.?

    Would really appreciate any help here.


    • Dear Ankit,

      it is very easy to get a taxi. Sometimes you might need to wait 15minutes, but there’s definitely no problem on that side. Go to La Digue, it’s a fantastic island!

      Warm regards,

  2. Hi how easy would it be to rent a 3 wheel bicycle in la digue? We are going towards the end of this year. (😁)


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