Playmobil Funpark near Nuremberg – a must do playground if you’re around

playmobil funpark

I have to admit that I’ve been there in April, 2014 for the first time. Shame on me! I really regret not having been there earlier. My kids are now 4 and 2. I am sure we would have spent lovely days there.

The Playmobil Funpark is one of the only well designed and pedagogic valuable parks I know so far – and believe me, we’ve visited many during our travels through Europe and the rest of the world.

During high season it’s 12€ per person from 3 years on, during low season only 8€. With this price it’s one of the cheapest ones in Germany, surprisingly. It offers a lot more than others.

Opening hours are from 9-17h.

Here, it’s not about loud music or high-speed rollercoaster. It’s about education, fun and relaxation.

The park is divided into different themes like farm, knight’s castle or stone pit. These offer different activities like gold-seeking. Paddles and sieves are provided so one need to bring only his children and let them play. At different times of the day Playmobil Funpark staff walk around and put new gold nuggets into the sand. So one can be sure to find some. The chest can be bought for 1€.

gold-seeking funpark playmobil

We saw many parents sitting and digging together with their children. Isn’t it fun to seek gold together?

Another huge part are the different playground. Some are with water and excellent for summertime and spare clothes. Others are mainly to train balance or explore own abilities. Each one has a sign for which age it’s recommended.

This one is for young children up to 3 years:

Balancing playground Playmobil Funpark

This one for up to 6 years:

Playground Playmobil Funpark

But there are also some for kids that are 10 years old, quite high and challenging.

The knight’s castle was the favourite of the older ones, as there were secret passages below the castle and we had a lot of fun seeking our children who loved to hide and run away.

Knight's castle at Playmobil Funpark

Another fun attraction were the paddle boats. Children from 4 years on are allowed to drive on the small lake. No engine. but a good training for their arm muscles.

boats Playmobil Funpark

During bad weather the huge indoor playground invites children to climb, jump and play. Sometimes activities like baking are offered as well.



If you’re in the region of Nuremberg don’t hesitate but take your children to the Playmobil Funpark. Even miniature golf and a beer garden are there to make it easy to enjoy themselves – for children and their parents likewise.


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