Things to do on a rainy day in Mauritius – insider tips


Yes, the paradise is wet. Sometimes. Very seldom, but still there are days on which one can’t go to the beach. We are now 6 month in Mauritius and there were maybe 15 rainy days.

To be honest, I am happy about these days. No pool, no beach and so we are forced to look around and do something different. No sun that burns our skin, comfortable temperature and less traffic. Let’s see what you could do on a rainy day in Mauritius:

Here are some tips you won’t get anywhere else:

1. Dance in the rain

Put on your bikini, leave your shoes at home and start hopping from puddle to puddle. It’s still 25degrees outside, nobody will catch a cold. Our kids love that and tell us in every other country how sad it is that we can’t go and play in the puddles.

2. Hire a 4×4 and drive bad roads

Maybe I was a boy in my further life but really, we do that. I take our Toyota Landcruiser Vintage Jeep, fix the kids in their child seats and off we are. Looking for the biggest puddle – and there are some in Mauritius! If you stay in the North drive from Grand Bay to Cap Malheureux on the Coastal Road. Plenty nice, full puddles that splash like hell! Just take care to close your window… we already had some incidents. People walking next to the street will be grateful not to be gifted with a shower. So depending on your malicious joy choose your speed.


3. Aventure du Sucre

Located north of Port Louis next to the Highway near Pamplemousse one can find a whole museum about sugar. The historical part shows different ways of harvesting and refining sugar cane. Many parts are made up also for children, there’s a small cinema at the end and different possibilities for them to gain knowledge and touch things. The best part for us was the sugar testing at the souvenir shop. Over 10 different sugar types (for the kids) and the rum testing (for us). Be careful with the sugar shock afterwards 😉 rainy day mauritius

4. Funky Monkey Indoor Playground

Located in Pointe aux Cannoniers in the North it offers a good alternative. Having coffee, a quiche or a burger and let the kids play. It’s a small but lovely made playground with ball bath, slides, climbing tower an other toys for smaller children.

5. Shopping malls

4 main shopping malls are in Mauritius: in the west at Flic en Flac Cascavelle. With a playground (outside) with trampoline and other things to do it’s pretty nice for kids. If you want to have relaxed lunch or dinner go to Spur’s Steak House there. They have a small indoor playground on their terrace and are very child friendly.

Near Port Louis is Bagatelle. This one has an indoor playground and many different shops to wander around. Also a cinema is located here.

Direction North one can find the Rich Terre Mall. Unfortunately only the outdoor playground will entertain your kids longer than 5 minutes. But inside one can find ice-cream, go grocery shopping or just spend money.

La Croisette is the mall in the North. No indoor playground but many shops to spend time. The nice cafe Vida e Caffe offers Babychino and a cosy atmosphere to watch the rain.

6. The Aquarium

Watching the underwater world is fascinating for small children. See the sharks being fed or the fishes teasing each other is better than be in a grey weather mood. Although it’s not big one can spend some valuable and educational time there.

7. Cook a 4 course dinner

As a parent you surely know how long it takes to cook a healthy and colourful meal. Involve your children, set up a menu, draw place cards and let them help you. Cooking together bonds and rises their appreciation regarding the chefs work. Share your knowledge about nutrition facts and the whole cooking science. Perfect if you can invite some friends over and enjoy the meal together.

 8. Visit the fruit market in Port Louis

On a rainy day in Mauritius one needs to take care of his mood. Why not step into multiple colours, scents and tastes? The fruit market in Port Louis is well known for the high quality of fruits and vegetables. Mangos, potatoes, dragon fruit, bananas and papaya are nowhere fresher than here.

rainy day in Mauritius

Do you have more tips? I’d love to read about it in the comments!


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  1. Hi Barbara

    I enjoyed reading your travel trips about Mauritius, we will be traveling to Mauritius for 3 months with our 2 boys aged 9 and 6. Did you visit any local schools in Mauritius as we were thinking of registering out kids for a few days a week at a school to meet kids and learn a different culture, language etc … Also did you come across any educational or conservation type of experiences, such as working with the turtles or dolphins for a few days ?

    I look forward to hearing from you



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