Sauna rules for those, who are not familiar with nudism

Dear lovely reader,

I know, some of you are not comfortable with being naked in public. Maybe you feel ashamed of not looking like Brad Pitt or the Playgirl boys. Your parents never told you, that it’s okay to look like you look. Whatever. I won’t save the world, and especially not you.

But before you enter Europe or the scandinavian casual saunas here are some sauna rules to follow:

Don’t stare!

The world consists of fat and thin, funny and boring, well equipped and not so gifted ones. Don’t even think about judging us. Put your towel away and show us what you have instead of cautiously wrapping your towel around your hips and even sit like that in the sauna. The bath attendant might come and give you a mouthful regarding uncooperative behaviour. Away with the towel! Ahh, now you look the way you have to.

A bit fragile and vulnerable.

We all enjoy the heat!

This doesn’t mean you can be importunate. Never ever touch someone having a sauna. My sweat plus your sweat is not sweet!! Hands off and feet away. Sauna implies an atmosphere of intimacy. Believe me, regular sauna takers are aware of that. Nevertheless they don’t exploit it. So be nice, stay calm and don’t estimate my bra size.


Groaning is not sexy!

It’s hot and you have the impression of not getting enough air? Women don’t like men groaning, not in the sauna and also not in the gym. Shut your mouth or leave the sauna to those, who are more capable and fitter than you.

Shower – and if it’s the last thing you do

Well-being is clean and white and soft and pure. It doesn’t stink. Go, use the shower! It won’t cost extra.

Maybe people start talking to you after complying with all these instructions. This is a huge compliment. Don’t become a prig. It might have been by accident.

With love,





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