Signs that our kids travel a lot

Today morning after having breakfast we got ready for kindergarten. Amy (4 years old) asks me: “How do we get there?” I: “By taxi.” Amy: “No, not again Taxi. That’s soo boring!”

Child Care Center Romania Signs kids travel a lot


This example showed me that we really travel a lot. Even now we are not at “home” but in Romania. We stayed here for 2 weeks to explore Timisoara, a cultural rich city. The kids went into kindergarten during the mornings while we worked on our laptops.

I collected some signs, that our kids travel a lot. Some of them are amusing, others make me think:

1. Some months ago we exceptionally travelled by train in Thailand. Amy asked: “When’s the next airport coming? And where’s the seat of the pilot here? Does this man, who walks around here, serve food and drinks as well?”

Train signs kids travel a lot

2. “Can we go home now?” means always the place where we sleep tonight. If not, our kids add the country: “When do we go home to grandma in Germany? How long does it take until we visit Noah at home in Mauritius?”

3. Sleeping in a hotel doesn’t make anybody nervous anymore. It’s more about comparing: “And why is here no shampoo?”

Signs kids travel a lot

4. Our kids are confused in which country they actually are and ask in advance: “Shall I talk English or German with that boy on the slide?”

5. Missing a plane is no disaster. Amys answer: “Mummy, that’s not so bad. We just sleep on the floor and take the next one. I slept very well on the floor at the Airport in Abu Dhabi.”

6. During turbulence both kids wake up because of the “pling-pling”-sign to fasten their seat-belts. Totally imprinted.

7. We don’t need toilets. At least a piece of green gras.

Travel a lot Mauritius

8. Kids ask seriously if they are old enough in 2 weeks to fly alone. They wanna visit their cousin. (They are 2 and 4 years old)

9. One suitcase for 4 persons is enough. We even have space left.

10. Big questions come up regarding police and laws. “Why is it forbidden in Romania and Mauritius to sit in front with a childseat? The police must know this is secure, isn’t it Mummy?”

Signs kids travel a lot airport


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