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Mauritius dolphin watching – a unique experience

Dolphins meet every morning in front of La Preneuse Beach. Since many years it’s an important part of the tourist industry to offer boat trips to watch and snorkel with them. Different opinions exist from “It’s cruelty to the dolphins! All these people jumping in the sea and swimming with them.” to “If they wouldn’t like it they could descent. But they even seem to play with the tourists.”.

However, we wanted to form our own opinion about Mauritius dolphin watching: Continue Reading →

Boat trip to Ile Coco and Ile Felicite Seychelles, La Digue

Boat trip to Ile Coco and Ile Felicite on the Seychelles

La Digue is well known for its rich underwater world. Many divers come here to spend their days in the big aquarium called Indian Ocean. Different diving schools are located, one of them just 50m next to the Port. One dive is about 55€, but they often go out for two dives in a row weather you booked one or two, you need to wait.

A more family oriented trip is a half or full day trip to Ile Coco and Ile Felicité. We did it with Belle Petra Catamaran TIMG_8327ours. They were really relaxed and very friendly. The half day trip is 50€, the full day trip including lunch 110€. Children are free of charge. One trip starts at 9am, one at 1pm. The contact details are: +248 423 43 02 or [email protected]

Ile Coco

We have been on the speed boat with four other persons. There was a lot of space and we didn’t feel like on a crowded tourist boat. First the cruise goes to Ile Coco to spend 1.5h there. It’s only 15minutes away. One can snorkel or wander around the island. We had some biscuits with us and fed the fishes wile standing in the water. Unbelievable, but there even came a small shark around to see why all the small fishes spend their time with us.


Ile Coco is a very small island without any inhabitants. It is mostly visited by day guests who come around to spend relaxing time there. There’s no reef around so the waves might make it a little difficult to walk into the water. Nevertheless everyone there enjoyed it and we were snorkeling with the kids. Luckily we brought snorkeling equipment for our kids with us. They provide only for adults. For our 2year old daughter we even had a life jacket with us, on the boat are ones but starting only as from 4year old size.



 Ile Felicité

After a 10minute drive we arrived in front of Ile Felicite. This island is known for its turtles living there. According to the skipper they are always here. And so it was not surprising that we saw one:


The water is maybe 2.3m deep and the visibility is just unreal. Even from the boat you can watch the colourful fishes. Our 2 left packages of biscuits were eaten by these fishes. Laughing little daughter made it impossible to eat them by ourselves. She had so much fun watching purple-turquoise-striped fishes.

So my recommendations after this day are:

  1. Take enough suncream and sun protection clothes with you.
  2. Have bread with you for feeding the fishes.
  3. Get some food and drinks for yourself (at a half day cruise)
  4. Choose which time is more convenient. If your child takes a nap maybe the morning is better.
  5. Train your children above 4 to use snorkel equipment or at least goggles and take them with you.
  6. Go only on sunny days. The visibility is much less when it’s cloudy or rainy.
  7. Enjoy your time!

Boat trips are tiring. We needed to have ice cream afterwards, soon dinner and bedtime was early.