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Review: Ramada Caravela Beach Resort Goa

In February 2015, we visited India with two children, ages three and five. We were often asked how we could possibly travel to India with children. Admittedly, we chose India only because we happened upon cheap flights heading toward Bali, via Mumbai. I decided to set aside an extra ten days to visit the nation, figuring we may as well seize the opportunity to explore a new place while we’re there. Continue Reading →

Things to do in Arambol with children

Arambol is a small town in North Goa, roughly a two hour drive from the Airport Daborim (GOI).

You may find better beaches throughout Goa, but you won’t find another spot to match the unique charm of Arambol. The town combines traditional Indian culture with a hippie-infused lifestyle that draws travelers from around the world. Many people decide to live in Arambol for years at a time, and even send their children to school here, though I’m not sure how the hippie lifestyle melds with the strictness of Indian schools. Regardless, the unusual population of locals, ex-pat-hippies and travelers converge to create the laid-back but undoubtedly lively atmosphere. Most residents live either on the beach or the town’s only main street leading directly to the seaside. Some things to do in Arambol with children: Continue Reading →

Incredible India – why 50 women laughed at the expense of my husband

Incredible India“—so goes the Asian subcontinent’s slogan, and it’s certainly well-chosen from the perspective of a tourist. Even when initially passing through customs, already we were saying it. “That’s incredible India!“ Our vacation rendered us speechless many times, but still we would whisper: “India, incredible India.“

Occasionally we said it when experiencing the many forms of transportation throughout the nation. Upon arriving in Mumbai, our taxi driver stowed our luggage on the car roof, without bothering to tie it down. How would that work? We trusted him, still deathly afraid of losing our bags as the car honked and raced its way down potholed roads. Continue Reading →

7 Things to Consider Travelling to India with Children

India is undoubtedly a fascinating country, but one with many negatives to match the positives. Some travelers will want to return year after year, and others will hope to never return. In our previous trips, our impressions of the nation has differed with each visit, vacilating between dislike and love, pity and fascination.

Your Indian experience depends upon so many factors—chief among them being who you travel with. Travelling to India with children, for example, is an entirely different adventure from travelling alone, as children, particularly young ones, will require your constant supervision and care in the new, often forbidding environment.

Based on our experiences visiting with a 3- and 5-year-old, we’ve coined a few tips on how to ensure a successful journey if you’re travelling to India with children: Continue Reading →