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Cyclone Madagascar – our near-death experience

Have you ever been hit by a cyclone in Madagascar? No? Lucky you…

While we stayed three weeks in Madagascar we had a couple of days on the northern island Nosy Be. It’s an island crowded with Italians enjoying sex tourism and the nature. We should have known that earlier. It was kind of embarrassing having 70 year old men sitting at the breakfast with their 16 year old peach of a girl. Nevertheless Nosy Be is a beautiful island, imprinted with a near-death experience because of an immense cyclone hitting Madagascar in 2008.

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Embarrassing stories – one took part in Madagascar

Describe on of your most embarrassing stories happening while on travel:

That’s a tough one. Besides children who poo in front of the supermarket in Mauritius, me crashing a Hummer H3 and my husband asking locals all the no go questions? 😉 What was our most embarrassing story? One of these embarrassing stories happened some years ago.

In 2008 we made holiday in Madagascar without children. They simply weren’t born yet. Because we both love driving Enduro (offroad motorbike) we hired them at Antananarivo. The capital of Madagascar is 1435m high and surrounded by lush, green nature. Together with a private guide we started exploring a totally different Madagascar, not many people have seen on their Motorbikes before. Continue Reading →

Quad biking in Fort Dauphin (Taolagnaro), Madagascar

ADVENTURE and I LIKE TO MOVE IT was singing in our head when we decided to visit Fort Dauphin in the southeast of Madagascar in 2008. My husband and me love riding motorbike offroad, so we decided to do this as well there. Our whole motocross equipment found place in our luggage. The boots were part of the hand luggage and sometimes even the helmet. It was a challenge to pack everything in one backpack!

Our flight was from Mauritius to Antananarivo, which is only 1.45h away. Air Madagascar is a decent airline and we enjoyed their service a lot. Continue Reading →

Liebster Award winner: Ants in our Pants – part 1

By surprise I won the Liebster Award! Two bloggers awarded me: Weirs World and Scamparis.

Since 3 months I am writing about our travel experience and already now I have been recognized by the blogging world. That makes me flush!

The Liebster Award is an Award given from one blogger to another. Like this new bloggers are welcomed into the blogging world. Isn’t that a nice, social way instead of scratching each others eyes out? It’s up to me now to answer the interview below and award some other, new bloggers. Stay tuned for the next post! Continue Reading →