Taking the train in Thailand

Have you ever been sick of airports? Here are 5 reasons why taking the train is much more fun:IMG_1268

  1. The overnight trains from Bangkok to Hua Hin are purple. That’s a main argument for our kids to take it, as they also prefer the purple taxis instead of the yellow-green ones.
  2. One job of the train guard is to make your bed. Nice, isn’t it?
  3. If you pay for a first class cabin you get a single room with a 90x190m lounger facing the window.  Adjustable backrests make it possible to capture the image of passing by housing areas, rivers and rice plantations. We’ve never seen so much of the normal life in Thailand. We spent a very relaxing night in our first class beds and woke up curious with our nose touching the window to see what happens next. Better than watching TV.
  4. But travelling third class can be also quite funny. Or at least hot and cheap. 1€ for 200km is amazing.IMG_1259
  5. We travelled first class, second and third. We were always welcome with the kids. Although buying tickets has to be done at least 5 days in advance. They are soon sold out and you won’t get any good ones and need to sweet in third class. Selling point is the train station.








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5 Responses to “Taking the train in Thailand”

  1. We took the train from BKK to Koh Samui. We booked first class – my word the toilets were shall I say “an eye opener. But it was lovely to see Thailand from a different perspective. Those shanty villages are really sad to look at though.

    • Hi Natasha,
      the toilets aren’t highest standard, but with sanitizer one can survive it 😉
      Happy travels,


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