Taxi, Tuk Tuk, Motorbike Taxi and Watertaxis


Bangkok is full of taxis. So there shouldn’t be any problem in getting around. But there is. Most travel guides recommend to take only taxis with taximeter. Like this you make sure to get a fair price and not the touristy one. The reality is: “Oh, my taximeter is broken.” We heard this sentence approximately 70% of the taxis we asked. The other 30% are divided half half. One half doesn’t speak English or doesn’t want to drive as far as we wanted to go. The other half accepted us as clients.

So we were a bit unsatisfied with taking taxis. For making the kids happy and have a funny way of getting around there are Tuk Tuks. You have to add 50% on the taxi price, but it’s a very unique way of travelling. Luckily they have enough space to fix the pram at the back.tuk tuk

Many Motorbike Taxis are on the streets, recognizable on their yellow/orange jackets. Just hop on the back “seat” and you’ll be very fast at your destination. It is adventurous and uncommon to hold on someone you don’t know. The asian ladies solve the situation very ladylike. Sitting with both legs on one side and holding on the back handle makes them look like riding a horse 300 years ago.

Another option are watertaxis. watertax

The perspective on the city is totally different. Although the water is not crystal blue and a bit dirty, it is still fantastic.

There are different types of taxis, some seem more secure than others. Depending on how brave you are and risk averse you can choose 😉

For us this meant, the boys tried them and the girls stayed safe.

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water taxi





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