Travel Guide for Rodrigues island

Many tourists complain about Mauritius not being the former, laid back and not developed island anymore. 15 years ago the island lacked of shopping centres, good cafes and restaurants. Nowadays one finds a good infrastructure, decent internet connection and many different cultures living there. Mauritius 15 years ago still exists: on Rodrigues.

Rodrigues is a small island belonging to Mauritius, but 580km. It’ll take you 1.5h to reach Rodrigues by plane. The island measures only 19km x 9km. Many Mauritian travel to Rodrigues for holiday, as it’s one of the closest islands (apart of La Reunion and the Seychelles). Air Mauritius departs several times per day. The prices vary from 170-200€ return.

Rodrigues itself is from volcanic origin and surrounded by a reef. Its climate is typical for an island: mostly sunny, not a lot of rain and with a constant breeze. Looking inland one will find many hills, a lot of banana trees and stunning seaview.

Best beaches on Rodrigues

Rodrigues has amazing beaches and you’ll be alone there. Enjoy turquoise water, white sand and blue sky. Pack a big bottle of sunscreen, water and good mood.

#1: Trou d’Argent

Trou d’Argent is on the east coast and rated one of the best beaches on Rodrigues. One can park at St. Francois and walk 10min through the forest. If you rented a scooter you could drive, but the path is too sandy and bumpy for cars. Surrounded by high cliffs the sea is visible and perfect to snorkel. There are no waves but colourful fishes and corals. Take thongs with you to not get in touch with sea urchins.

#2: Petit Gravier

The village Gravier on the south-east coast is well equipped: charming restaurants, small corner shops and an amazing abandoned beach. The tarred road ends in the center and goes on as sandy road. It’ll take you directly to the beach. The adventurous tourists might take a turn to the right direction  Hotel La Belle Rodriguaise. Just stop at one of the picnic tables and enjoy a cold beer.

#3: St.Francois

On your way to Trou D’Argent stop at St.Francois. Another breathtaking beach with volcanic rocks and sand.

Things to do on Rodrigues

#1. Suspension bridge

In eastern Rodrigues Tyrodrig Zip Lines offer a walk over the Pistachio Valley by suspension bridge. This adventure costs only 100rs (2,70€). 40m high one can enjoy the view, adrenaline and be happy to broaden ones horizon. Even for children 5 years and older this accompanied adventure is one of a lifetime.


#2: Cavern Patate

On the south west of Rodrigues the cavern patate is one of the main attractions. You can get your ticket directly there and follow the guide underground.


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