Useful romanian phrases one needs to know when travelling to Romania

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Travelling into a foreign country allows us to gain a new perspective on habits, ways of living and their culture. Whether culture is food, education, architecture or simply how they make a living. Whereas only Mummies are seen in cafes in the mornings in Germany Business Men, Students, Parents and friends enjoy coffee or tea in Romania already at 9am. Being an observator is interesting but speaking at least some words of the same language builds the connection.

10 useful romanian phrases everybody should know who travels to Romania:

1.Buna ziua! (Boon-a see-w-a!) = Hello!

Wherever you enter a shop this is the way to greet. More informal is “Ciao!” (Chow!). You can use Ciao either to say hello or to say bye bye. Learn once, use twice!

2. Ce faci? (Che futch?) = How are you?

Please answer with “Bine, si tu?” (Been-a, she too?). This means: “Fine, and you?”

It’s used among people you meet, but not as often as you’d say it by courtesy in the US. Nevertheless the shop keeper will be positively surprised to hear that sentence.

3. Cum te numesti? (Coom ta noom-asht?) = What’s your name?

The correct answer is: “Ma numesc Barbara.” (Ma noom-asc Barbara).  Knowing the name of a person is one main factor to build up a connection. Everybody loves hearing his/her name so keep on including it in your conversation.

4. De unde esti? (De oon-da yasht?) = Where do you come from?

Part of ones personality is his origin. You can ask for it, but it’s more likely that others will ask you. Your answer is then: “Din America.” (Deen America).

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