Zip Line Tour Mauritius at Domaine de Chazal

The mauritian “djungle” is greener than green. Especially in the south, where it’s raining almost every night. The GREEN green of sugar cane, palms and trees hanging their branches over deep valleys, combined with birdsongs and a feeling of freedom. That’s the beginning of a small adventure.

I decided to do a zip line tour on Mauritius with friends at Domaine de Chazal, near Souillac in the south of Mauritius. This Domaine is beautifully designed with lakes, sunloungers, a restaurant and of course the amusing tour guides.

In a professional manner they started putting us the climbing harnest on. After a short ride we started on one side of the valley. Inspecting the zip line and the valley we were not very sure if this is scary or great. IMG_2529

Leaving our children at home with their daddies meant that we were finally doing something only for ourselves. No feeding, filling up drinking bottles, dispute settling or tired, moaning child next to us. It was wonderful!!

But we took care of the safety procedures as well, as a parent you get a bit more responsible, isn’t it?

Our guide put our rolls on the zip line and now it was on us to run and jump:


The first zip line was actually the hardest for our self-conquest. The following ones were simply fun! Sliding over the river pumped some adrenaline in our system and put a big smile on our face.


After 5 Zip Lines we hiked to a waterfall. In the middle of nowhere it was kind of surprising to find a place to swim and jump in. Actually I have to admit that I didn’t swim…it was too cold. Already used to the Mauritian weather having below 28 degrees makes me freeze. Spoiled brat!


After roughly 3h we were back at the Restaurant and had time to relax until they served a very yummy lunch. It was a perfect day for us and we enjoyed all: the lush nature, our victory over our fears, the calmness, physical effort and the company.


The nice owner Frederic told us that they plan to open a guesthouse with small chalets and tents for their guests. So it’s possible then to stay overnight, do trekking tours, have drinks on the bar or some cooling-down in the lakes.


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3 Responses to “Zip Line Tour Mauritius at Domaine de Chazal”

  1. Zipping around and hiking to that waterfall looks like a great way to spend some with friends and without the kids. It’s so beautiful there. I bet their guesthouse will be a big hit.

    • Hi Michele,
      I hope to stay in a tent there… Must be great to be in the middle of nowhere experiencing nature.


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